Yearning for Peace

Joie de Vivre


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The painter Jang Lamborelle was born in Wiltz in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg on December 23rd, 1962. He was raised in a tiny village in this part of the country, the rugged North known as the Ardennes or Éislek.

His fascination for drawing and painting dates from early childhood. As a young man, led by his nomadic spirit, he travelled the Americas (Bolivia and Guatemala) where he spent several years living close to the indigenous population. He worked both as a medical assistant and a painter, picturing characters from all walks of life with their joys and sorrows, thus documenting their way of living and customs as well as their wildlife environment. His art springs from a genuine love of his fellowmen and a deep interest in their relationship with Mother Earth.

In his recent serie ‚Yearning for Peace‘ the Artist expresses his alarm concerning man’s reckless attitude towards his own kind and our common living space.

Always in quest of new horizons, Jang Lamborelle deliberately shifts styles and perspectives. He prefers large canvases as supports of his artistic evolution. His frequent use of symbolic language creates an atmosphere which, according to his subject, may be dreamlike or naively innocent and become more realistic, sometimes dramatic or even violent. To make his point, the artist will defy political correctness.


Room Jhang Lamborelle at rpi!Artothek

Spirit of Peace at Artothek

Jhang Lamborelle at GalleryLux


1984  Galerie Municipale du Wirtgenschlass, Diekirch, Luxembourg
1990  Galerie Théâtre des Capucins, Luxembourg
1992  Potosi (12 octobre 1992 en commémoration des 500 ans) Bolivie
1992  Galerie Maggy Stein am Schlass, Bettembourg, Luxembourg
1995  Galerie Maggy Stein am Schlass, Bettembourg, Luxembourg
1999  Galerie du Couvent Coban, Altaverapaz, Guatemala
1999  Galerie du Palais Municipal, Quetzaltenango, Guatemala
1999  Galerie du IGA, Guatemala-City, Guatemala
2000  Galerie Maison de la Culture, Diekirch, Luxembourg
2000  Galerie Maggy Stein am Schlass, Bettembourg, Luxembourg
2002  Galerie Maggy Stein am Schlass, Bettembourg, Luxembourg
2003  Galerie Maison de la Culture, Diekirch, Luxembourg
2012  Cathédrale Notre-Dame, Luxembourg, Ecce Homo
2013  Eglise de Wiltz, Spirit of peace
2014  Palais de l’Europe, Strasbourg, France, Aspiration à la Paix
2014  Galerie Maison de la Culture, Diekirch, Luxembourg, Once upon a time
2014  Eglise, Useldange, Luxembourg, www.zukunft…?
2015  Konstantinbasilika, Trier, Deutschland, Spirit of Peace
2017  Galerie A Spiren, Strassen, Retour à l’innocence
2019 Maison de la culture, Diekirch, Joie de vivre
2021 Carré, Luxembourg, Répondre à la barbarie par des salves de beauté
2021 Laudato Si, Valentiny Fondation, Remerschen, Luxembourg


1984  CAL, Cercle Artistique Luxembourg, Luxembourg
1986  Clervaux, Luxembourg
1994  Ettelbruck, Luxembourg
1996  CAL, Cercle Artistique Luxembourg, Luxembourg
2003  EVBK, Prüm, Allemagne
2003  Art Beaufort, Luxembourg
2015  8e Biennale d’art contemporain, Strassen, Luxembourg
2017 Commune de Wincrange, Luxembourg
2017 Fairtrade Expo, Vianden, Luxembourg
2022 EVBK, Prüm, Allemagne

Bettembourg, Luxembourg
Lima, Perou
Potosi, Bolivie
Coban, Guatemala

1992   Anthologie des Arts au Luxembourg, Édition Borschette
2000   Edition d’un livre „El Espiritu Inocente de la Madre Tierra“
1.000 exemplaires, Guatemala-City
2019   Illustration d’un livre „Poop Hu“, Guatemala

Period dedicated to painting
2004 – 2008    Bâle, Suisse
since 2008    Luxembourg

© Jang Lamborelle